Erin Sonn, M.Ed., RYT & Family

Mom. Educator. Yogi. 

Hello! My name is Erin, and I am a Northern Virginia-based mother, educator, and yogi. 

I started taking yoga classes in 2008 at my gym as a way to stretch after my frequent long runs. I had no interest in the spiritual aspects of yoga; I simply wanted to give my achy muscles a little love.  However, after a few years of regular practice, I started to recognize not only the physical benefits of yoga, but also the amazing effect it had on my emotional regulation. Throughout the years, I have relied on yoga as therapy, helping me deal more calmly and patiently with the stressors of motherhood, and life in general. (OM, take me away!)

Recognizing and appreciating the profound effect my yoga practice had on me, I wanted to provide that transformative experience for others, so in 2015, I enrolled in a 200-hr yoga teacher training program. This was a truly life-changing experience; not only did we learn about ancient yogic philosophy, sanskrit terms, anatomy/physiology, and pose breakdown, we also took an intimate and emotional journey into our souls to discover what it really means to live a yogic lifestyle.

I emerged from this program with a profound understanding that yoga is so much more than just asana (poses) and pranayama (breath); yoga is a lifestyle that espouses the virtues of forgiveness,  gratitude, compassion, and oneness. You are me and I am you. The craft beer drinker in me honors the craft beer drinker in you, so let's toast!

As a professional educator, I recognize the stressors that teachers and school staff encounter daily, and the deleterious toll it can take on general well-being. As I grew my personal mindfulness practice, I wanted to share that with other educators to help them build awareness, solidity, and resilience in the classroom. Thus, Yoga for Educators and Mindfulness for Educators were born. I hope that you pause, take a deep breath, and find gratitude in this very moment. 

Love, Namaste & Cheers!