Yoga for Athletes

Yoga is a physical and energetic practice that complements the training and performance cycles of athletes of any sport at any level. Mindfulness can help athletes establish mental presence and awareness, cultivating emotional regulation and cognitive clarity during intense competitions. “Yoga for athletes is not athletic yoga,” says Sage Rountree, author of The Athletes Guide to Yoga and leading expert in the field nationwide. Erin was fortunate to train under Sage and is excited to share the benefits of the practice to help athletes be at their best, on and off/in and out of the field, court, track, course, or pool.



Yoga for athletic strength offers exercises to train muscles and joints to mobilize and increase athletic performance. This practice, which builds flexibility and power, is a great complement to an off-season conditioning regimen.



Yoga for athletic balance builds mental and physical tools for managing the oppositional forces of the body: front/back, top/bottom, side/side, in/out, etc. This practice is helpful for building stability, core strength, proprioception, alignment and coordination.



Yoga for athletic recovery offers a chance for “tight and tired” muscles, joints, and connective tissue to relax and heal, which is critical to injury prevention. This practice trains athletes to find comfort in comfort and maintain strong neuromuscular connections while at rest.